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Combiner Film

 ◆Polarization Combiner Film

  445nm P&S Combiner Film


445nm P&S (45°)

445nm P&S (57°)

  473nm P&S Combiner Film

473nm P&S (45°) 473nm P&S (57°)
  532nm P&S Combiner Film

532nm P&S (45°)

532nm P&S (57°)

  635nm P&S Combiner Film

635nm P&S (45°)

635nm P&S (57°)

  660nm P&S Combiner Film

660nm P&S (45°)

660nm P&S (57°)

  808nm P&S Combiner Film

808nm P&S (45°)

808nm P&S (57°)

 ◆RGB Combiner Film


  Transmit Blue Light & Reflect Green Light

  Transmit Red Light & Reflect Blue and Green Light


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