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Metallic Mirrors

Gold-coated mirrors

In the infrared spectral region, gold film has higher reflectivity and better chemical stability than silver  and aluminum.  After environment test, gold film can still keep good optical properties and good fastness to membrane layer in the harsh environment. CNI can provide the  high performance  coated gold mirrors with  firm film.

         Test curve:

As a result of the mechanical strength of gold film is very low, please use the cleaning compressed gas tank to do the surface cleaning, and must be very careful when you use.
Please wear laser protective goggles when you check light path and adjust optical axis.

Sliver-coated mirrors

Protective silver coating mirrors which have good fastness to membrane layer and good anti-friction. For long term storage, please use the deoxidizer to prevent the oxidation of the silver film.
         Test curve:

Aluminum-coated mirrors

CNI can provide UV enhanced aluminum and protected aluminum. Because bare aluminum is extremely delicate and susceptible to damage, a protective overcoat is layered over the aluminum to prolong the life of the mirror. CNI can offer different kinds of mirror upon your requests.
         Test curve:

Aluminum membrane mirrors without protective film are easily damaged, and the film will be oxidized. Please do not use paper or cloth to wipe the mirror lens, and please use antioxidant to prevent the oxidation of the aluminum oxide membrane for long-time storage.
When using multiple mirror, unfavorable use aluminum reflective film, please consider multi-layer dielectric film reflector.

Product Application: Digital equipment, measuring instrument and laser medical equipment.
Material: K9, fused silica
CNI can offer different kinds of mirror upon your requests.

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